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A proud Canadian agency. We’re a local Kelowna web design company that will guide you to your online success

Kelowna Kreative specializes in website design for all types of organizations, such as
small businesses, non-profits, schools, and more!

Kelowna Kreative provide professional Web Design. Other companies charge thousands for a website. Not us!

Kelowna Kreative Believes Every Business Has the Opportunity to Make An Impact Online

Kelowna Kreative

Kelowna Kreative

Save Time

Stop wasting your valuable time trying to build a website on your own.

Look Professional

Outshine your competitors with a professional website design built to convert.

Increase Sales

Get the customers on your website that will drive users to take action.

kelowna kreative

WordPress Web Design

Kelowna Kreative builds beautiful websites exclusively using the most popular system available. Let us help you create your vision.

kelowna kreative

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and online marketing campaigns to generate authority for your website and your brand. Social, Search and Local Content Marketing.

kelowna kreative

Responsive Design

One website to rule all devices. Responsive design ensures your information is available on any device and any screen size; Mobile, Tablet, Desktop or TV.

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Website Analytics

Google Analytics ensures you have all the knowledge available about your website and your customers. Let us provide actionable analysis for your business.

A poorly built website will…

kelowna kreative

Make your competition with inferior services look better than you.


Confuse and frustrate visitors instead of converting them.


Create doubt instead of establishing trust.


Be a piece of art. Not a marketing tool.


Burn through your marketing budget.


Hurt your brand and reputation.


Be penalized by Google.

Kelowna Kreative



Custom Design Website tailored to your business In consultation with you, we create a professional business website tailored to your product or service.

Easy to Order and fast results Quick and easy, consultation can be done by phone and email. We can have your business website up and operational in as little as two weeks.

Small price – Big return on investment Our websites are affordable and ideally suited for small and medium size businesses.

Website maintenance and update Once your website is online, we can make custom changes for a small fee.

Internet advertising is here to stay, and it has rocked the world. By what other means could you possibly use to get your message to millions of people in a single day?

Before the internet the standard method of advertising was Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Radio ads, TV ads and static ads such as those that are seen on billboards, buses and bus stop benches. At that time, a successful company would need to spend 1/3 of their yearly gross revenue on advertising just to make sure that their name/brand was recognized.

Jump forward to 2017. We now use the internet as our advertising media. Your advertising budget is now less than 1/16 of your yearly gross revenue.

Need a service? Use Google to find the companies in your area. Need to buy something? Use Google to find companies in your area that sell it. Need a babysitter? Use Google to make your planned night out a success. In other words. Use a search engine (Google) to view other company’s services.

A web page is your first line of contact, to your customers. As you want your customer service agents to represent your company, professionally, you also want your web page to represent you in the best way possible.

At KELOWNA KREATIVE we guarantee to get your company noticed. We want you to succeed. We will build a professional and effective web site for you.

There are web sites that claim to help you design a professional web page. And there are companies that will charge thousands of dollars to do very complex web pages. Choosing which type of web site builder, you want to use, can be hassle free. All you need to figure out is your budget as compared to the professionalism you would like to convey.

A web site that claims to help you design a professional page is using templates. They are the same templates that your competitor can use. They are the same colors. The same text. The same access to the same clip art or pictures. If you want to be the same as your competitor, then this is the route to take.

If you already use one of these web site building tools, ask yourself this… does it work? When you google the description of your company (cabinet makers, auto sales, construction companies) does your company come up on the first page of Google? Does it come up in the top half of the first page of Google? Is it one of the top three names listed?

Here, at KELOWNA KREATIVE, our specialty is getting your company on the internet by designing a professional and effective web site for your company. We will use an advanced SEO tools and give you guidance on making sure your company’s name is in the top half of the first page of a google search.

The web page that KELOWNA KREATIVE designs for your company will be a professional and effective web page. If you already have a web site designed using a template web site builder, we will fix it for you. If you have a web site that is so old that you can’t remember the web site address, we will find it and update it for you.

KELOWNA KREATIVE is your guide to an effective and professional web site. Remember. Having a web site that isn’t bringing money into your company is a waste of your company’s dollars.

Blazing-Fast Website Design

We build super fast beautiful websites that convert visitors to customers

Website Hosting

We host and manage your hosting for you

Daily Backups

We will backup your website safe on a daily basis. Never lose your online presence again.

100% Customized Mobile-Friendly Design

Your websites will look beautiful on desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Free SSL Certificate and Security

Your website will have full security installed to protect your data

60-Minutes of Monthly Website changes

Updating your website is crucial. Tell us the changes and consider it done.

Please Contact Brian today if you need a website. Brian can create a website for you that fits your budget.

“Helping businesses create a presence on the internet” in as little as 1 week.

all deposits are non-refundable