How do you know when your business is in need of a new website?

Below I will list a few factors to consider before taking the plunge and making an investment into a new web design.

Recently, a potential client wanted to meet and discuss a full website redesign. We spoke on the phone and discussed their needs. This is what we consider part of our Discovery process and involves gathering requirements. Without knowing the requirements of a project, it is difficult to draft a solution.

The client mentioned that their website was approximately 2 years old and during that time, they had grown considerably and expanded to several locations. They would also like to add some additional pages and make the site more modern and ‘interactive’.
This was all the information that we were given, even after pressing for more information. I decided to do a quick website audit and check analytics, conversion forms, etc… I found a few simple issues but nothing glaring. The website was responsive, modern looking with large typography, good contrast, clean imagery & icons. I started to think why do they want to totally redesign. That is when my mind wandered and I came up with this list:

A total website redesign is necessary when:

  1. You Change Your Brand
    If your logo or your brand has changed, you will definitely need to change your website. Also if your mission or business goals change, then you will want a redesign as well. A graphical redesign will give a new look & feel and and architectural redesign will change the structure of the pages and content on your site.
  2. Your website is not converting properly
    If you take a look at your visitors to your site and your conversion points or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and notice that you are not getting the conversions that you wish, it may be a good time for a redesign or at the very least some A/B testing to figure out why you are not converting your visitors into customers. This is a very important reason for a redesign and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  3. You are not getting traffic (visits) to your website
    There can be multiple reasons that your website is not getting traffic but it is definitely worth a look from a technical and structural standpoint to see if a redesign is needed. Even if the graphics do not need to change, the code behind the scenes could be hindering your ability to attract visitors and may need an overhaul.
  4. Your website is out dated
    There could be several reasons for this, but since technology changes so rapidly, it only makes sense to revisit your website periodically to make sure that you are making use of best practices. For example, is your website responsive and viewable on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices? Have you considered the latest Google algorithm changes and installed and SSL certificate on your site? Do the graphics look like they are from 1996? Any of these reasons would warrant a new web design.

There you have 4 reasons to go through the process of a website redesign. If you make an assessment of your website and you meet any of these criteria you should consider having your website professionally designed to maintain maximum effectiveness and conversions. Our team at Kelowna Kreative will provide a free website audit and make a recommendation for a website redesign if any of the criteria above are met. Contact us for your audit today.

Please Contact Brian today if you need a website. I can create a website for you that fits your budget.